accion poetic

Fragment d'un cliché
Zakzorah [*]
Pourquoi agir ?

[*] Across the city of Monterrey, you’ll find random walls which have messages painted on them which always appear on a white wall with black text. These messages are called "Acción Poética" or Poetic Action and they are thought of and painted by an artist named Armando Alanís Pulido. The concept of Accion Poetica is to share short poetic phrases which are positive in nature that make you stop, think and reflect the words you are reading from the few seconds you glance at them when driving by.
I had never noticed these signs until I saw some uploaded photos by my friend gabojor and realized that he had an Accion Poetica set. He even had a recent exhibit of these photos at a local venue in the city.
I was only able to capture 3 of these walls in my recent visit to Monterrey, but now I have a goal of taking more shots of these each time I go back. This photo is of my niece in front of one of these walls. I liked the idea of capturing her with just part of the wall, to introduce the concept. I’ll upload the three I took over the week.